Meet Shirley Conlon

Meet Shirley Conlon, founder and owner of Shirley Conlon Organics. Inspired to create a range of organic skincare products specifically for hotter climates. 

Why I began my journey into organic skincare

I created SCO for people like me, who were experiencing similar skin issues living in a hot and humid climate. On moving to Dubai my normally healthy skin began to suffer, due to what I believe was a combination of environmental factors, chemically loaded skincare and sun-sensitive ingredients.

Shirley Conlon | Shirley Conlon Organics | Organic Skincare Dubai

This inspired me to create my own skincare products, as I had not found products that I was truly happy with. There was always at least one ingredient that I knew would not make my skin happy, and so my journey began to a simplistic line of pure and effective skincare products, with cold pressed botanical ingredients that would allow my skin to breathe and not sensitize my skin to sunlight, and so, SCO was born.

Born into an Irish farming family, where everything was home grown and homemade, I spent many childhood hours making potions with plants from my mum’s garden. Influenced from a natural healing background, I studied cosmetology in London and worked as an aesthetician before landing a role in a large cosmetic house in Italy, specializing in luxury high-end niche products. During this time, I represented many prestigious brands for some of the most exclusive and well-known stores throughout Europe.  Further developing my awareness into cosmetic ingredients, I followed my passion in the study of organic cosmetic science in UK and Australia and began my research and development into SCOrganics.

My goal is to make products that ensure beautiful, healthy skin for everyone!