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Natural vs Organic Skincare

What is the difference between Natural and Organic skincare and is there really is any benefit to the skin of using either?

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Organic ingredients feed the skin with nutrition

Unfortunately, natural does not mean organic and comes with no guarantees.  Clever marketing can be misleading, so customers really need to understand the difference between the terms.  There are some excellent websites such as where customers can investigate the ingredients and their hazardous rating.

Considered a natural ingredient, Petroleum is a cheap ingredient that suffocates the skin).  It often forms the bulk of  ‘natural’products. Natural ingredients (often not so natural) can suffocate the skin, play havoc on the skins PH and can lead to breakouts. Our body does not easily recognise these ingredients and will not absorb them.

In organic skincare, petrochemicals are prohibited and plant ingredients  such as  nutritious seed and nut oils and botanical essential oils  must be used . Organic ingredients feed the skin with nutrition, are easily absorbed and accepted by our bodies and enhance and promote our inner and outer health and beauty.

Depending on an ingredient’s molecular weight, any percentage of that ingredient will be absorbed into our blood stream (think nicotine patches) and from there, the body will have to detoxify itself.

All Shirley Conlon Organics  products have been registered as organic with the Dubai Municipality.  We have submitted proof of our organic claims, along with our suppliers’ organic certificates.  We can only use the ‘organic ingredients’ claim because our products have been  scrupulously  investigated and tested. Soon we will be seeking the Soil Association certification. In our opinion this is the strictest international certification board.